Chiropractic – Sinusitis

How Does Sinusitis Develop?

sinusitisSinusitis can be caused by an irritation or an infection of the sinuses. Many factors can contribute to sinusitis, and the most common causes are:

  • narrow or thin nasal passages and sinus cavities
  • deviation of the nasal septum
  • inflammation of the sinus and nasal tissue due to a variety of nasal factors with or without infection
  • fever or cold
  • allergies
  • environmental pollution
  • asthma

Do I have Sinusitis?

It is advised that you consult your physician if you experience any combination of the following symptoms for more than a few days:

  • yellow or green discharge with nasal congestion
  • cough
  • fever
  • facial pain
  • headache or pressure behind the nose or forehead
  • toothache
  • sore throat

Can Sinusitis Be Dangerous?

Typically, sinusitis will resolve itself like the common cold, but if symptoms persist, you should consult a physician. Prolonged sinusitis, if left untreated can progress to an infection in other areas of the head. While extremely rare, an infection that spreads can be extremely dangerous.

How Can My Chiropractor Help My Sinusitis?

Your chiropractor may be trained in specific sinus techniques such as sinus draining, endonasal technique or nasal specific. The aforementioned techniques can help relieve pressure by increasing sinus drainage. Your chiropractor is also able to treat muscular or spinal issues that could be related to your symptoms. Before turning to medication, consider asking your chiropractor how they can help relieve your symptoms.

Are Antibiotics Necessary if I Have a Sinus Infection?

Strong bacterial sinus infections may require a dose of antibiotics to cure it properly. However, recent studies suggest that antibiotics may be less effective in treating sinus infections than doctors originally thought. Physicians are turning to other methods, and prescribing pharmaceuticals less often. If you find that your sinus infection is not resolving itself, your chiropractor may be able to recommend natural supplements or over the counter drugs that will ease your symptoms.

Can Chiropractic Care Help With My Chronic Condition?

Chiropractic care can play a very large part in treating seemingly chronic conditions of sinusitis, especially when it is recurrent or chronic. The aforementioned techniques can be used to keep your nasal passages clear and your symptoms at bay, avoiding recurrence in the future. Ask your chiropractor what techniques and what course of treatment is best for your individual condition.

What is Sinusitis?

Sinusitis is typically caused by irritation or an infection of the nasal sinuses. The normal flow of mucus in your nasal passages allows you to breathe clean air. This is done by collecting germs and particles from the air in the mucous-producing nasal cavities. When this flow is interrupted, the germs that are normally flushed out replicate and cause sinus inflammation, often resulting in a sinus infection.



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